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Premium Audit & Payroll Reporting

Online Monthly Payroll Reporting or Paying using FHM Connect

Register for Online Access

In order to pay your bill online or report payroll online, you must already be a registered user of FHM Connect. If you do not currently have access, it is simple to register.

  • Got to

  • Look for FHMconnect

  • Click on "Policyholders" under "Register"

  • Fill out the registration form and click "Send"

  • You may now login to your account at FHMconnect "Login"

Register for fhm connect
Already Registered? Click Here to Login

Know Your Billing Plan

In order to pay your bill online, you must know what type of billing plan your account was set up with.

Is your account set up with a monthly installment billing plan?

  • This policyholder receives monthly statements and usually pays a down payment and nine (9) monthly installments.

Or a monthly self-reporting payroll billing plan? (Also known as a monthly self-audit plan)

  • This policyholder reports payroll monthly to calculate the amount to pay.

  • Note: If you aren't sure, you may contact your agent or the Policy Services Unit within the FHM Underwriting Department at (800) 329-4340.

Paying Using FHM Connect

Monthly Installment Plans

  • Log in to your account portal using FHM Connect at

  • Click the gold "I Want to..." menu in the right corner and select the Make a Payment option

  • If your bank account information has never been entered or needs to be changed, click the Editor+ icon and enter your bank account information

  • You have the option of making recurring automatic payments from your bank account or a one-time payment (check the appropriate box or boxes)

  • If you choose ACH Autopay, we will need a signed authorization form on file. Download the form here or call Policy Services at (800) 329-4340 to receive one.

  • Once you have entered and saved your checking information you will not have to enter it again. You will be able to immediately click "Pay"

Snapshot of the FHM Connect Portal

Online Monthly Payroll Reporting and Paying Using FHM Connect

Monthly Self Reporting Plan

Note: To properly calculate gross payroll, please click on the instruction button found in the top right corner of the payroll entry screen.

  • Log in to your account portal by using FHM Connect

  • Click the gold "I Want to..." menu in the upper right corner and select the $ReportPayroll option OR go to "My Policies" on the left and click ReportPayroll

  • Type in the gross payroll for each class code listed

  • Enter the number of employees for each class code listed

  • Click the appropriate option button at the bottom of the screen. If you have multiple units, click on the dropdown menu, select the unit you want to enter the payroll for, and then click "continue." This will bring you to the reporting page.

    If you only have one unit, you will be directed immediately to the reporting page. The website will calculate the premium due automatically.

  • Choose your option to pay:

    "Submit & Pay Online"
    Submit payroll and pay your bill online
    Your payment will post immediately

    Click "Pay" and follow previous instructions as shown for Monthly Installment plan to confirm authorize payment.

    "Submit & Pay by Check"
    Submit payroll, print the invoice and mail a check for payment
    Your payment will not be complete until your check is received and manually posted by FHM


    To change payroll, select "Change Payroll" before clicking on a submit option.

Note: For help reporting payroll, or for audit questions, call the Premium Billing Department at (800) 329-4340.

You are done! You will need to return to the website to report payroll monthly. Please note that you may only submit payroll seven (7) days prior to the month-end.

Snapshot of the FHM Connect Portal
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