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About Claims

What can I expect from the claims handling process?

FHM can offer employers workers’ comp coverage through FHM Insurance or their affiliated carrier, LUBA Workers’ Comp.  Regardless of your policy, your claims will be handled by FHM Insurance Company, and you can feel confident your adjuster will be a partner to you in the process. Our claims team is committed to frequent communication with employers and efficient and cost-effective claims handling. At FHM, we intentionally keep our caseloads well below the industry average so our adjusters can establish a real working relationship with our policyholders. Also, our adjusters are assigned by the policyholder’s zip code, so they are very familiar with your geographical area.

Depending on the claim, your adjuster will be a part of a team that may include a nurse case manager, a claims supervisor or manager, legal counsel, the cost containment, subrogation or fraud units, and a risk management (claims prevention) specialist.

As an employer, if your employee is off the job, you want reliable information on their health and their ability to return-to-work.  We are here to keep you informed and help protect employers from fraud.

The Key to Lower Claim Costs is Rapid Reporting

When it comes to managing workers’ compensation claims, the simple act of reporting claims early can reap significant savings.

Actual claims statistics show that when an employer does not report a claim in a timely manner, the employee is much more likely to hire an attorney – and claims costs escalate. On the other hand, the sooner a claim is reported, the less it will cost. The injured employee knows the employer is concerned and engaged and he or she is receiving immediate care and benefits.

A reported claim is a managed claim and FHM helps ensure you the utmost in savings by:

  • Getting medical attention to the employee quickly. Proper medical treatment increases employee opportunity for recovery and speeds return-to-work.

  • Reducing litigation. An employee who feels neglected and uncared for is much more likely to hire an attorney to protect his/her interests.

  • Fast response to, and investigation of, claims help control medical and indemnity costs.

How to Improve Workplace Safety and Prevent Claims

To assist with claims prevention, FHM Insurance provides risk management services at no cost to the employer. It’s part of your policy, it’s free, and it’s something every employer can easily take advantage of.

To schedule a safety consultation or learn more about the resources we have available, contact us at

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A Return-To-Work policy assists in bringing injured employees back to work, helps business owners contain costs, and ensures that skilled workers remain productive.  For more information on how to create, and successfully implement, a Return-To-Work Program, download our Return-to-Work Program Kit.

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