Payroll Reporting

Report Payroll Online

Within FHMconnect, a section will allow an Insured to report payroll online through their own portal. By selecting the Report Payroll button from the top of the website, a new page will open to allow payroll worksheets to be filled out.

Log into FHMconnect and select the Report Payroll Button.

Click here for a copy of the Monthly Self Reporting and Pay Your Bill Online Instructions. 

Self Reporting Payroll (Report Payroll) If you have a monthly installment payment plan, see “Pay Bills”.
If account is set up to report monthly payroll and pay the total of the calculated worksheet, please follow the directions below to do so.

  • Click the Report Payroll button from the main webpage or the Payroll Reports link from the Online Payments & Payroll to report monthly payroll.
  • Select the PLUS sign from the list of worksheets.
  • Type in the Gross Payroll for each class code listed.
  • Enter the number of employees for each class code listed.
  • Click the Save button to continue or Back to go back.
  • The website will do the rate calculations automatically.
  • A review screen will appear that gives the options to either Submit & Pay Online, Submit & Pay by Check, or Change Payroll.
  • Submit & Pay Online – Payroll cannot be edited after selecting this. From here, payment can be made online.
  • Submit & Pay by Check – Payroll cannot be edited after selecting this. From here, the payment will not be complete until check is mailed and received by FHM.
  • Change Payroll – This will allow changes to the payroll entered for the current month.
  • Monthly Reporting (self-reporting) has now been accomplished.

Self Reporting Payroll – What you may exclude:

    • The increased or excess portion of overtime. (For example, if a worker’s regular wage is $10.00 an hour and he/she is paid $15.00 an hour for overtime, you may exclude the $5.00 per hour EXCESS portion of the overtime rate and only report $10.00 an hour for the hours of overtime paid.) So you are excluding 1/3 of the overtime when overtime is paid at 1.5 times the regular hourly rate.
    • When overtime is paid at two times the regular hourly rate, then half the overtime is excluded from reporting-the EXCESS portion of overtime.
    • Tips or gratuities.
    • Severance pay

Sick time, vacation time, performance and holiday bonuses, and profit sharing is ALWAYS included. For further clarification, please contact the FHM audit department at 800-329-4340. 

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