Pay Bills & Report Monthly Payroll

Pay Bills and/or Report Monthly Payroll Online

To pay your bill online, you must first know what type of billing plan your account was set up with, a monthly installment billing plan or monthly self-audit billing plan.

If you’re not sure which plan you have, please contact your agent or FHM at 888-346-3461, ext. 6337, 6424 or 6401 to find out.

Log into FHMconnect and select the Pay Bills or Report Payroll Button.

(To log into FHMConnect, you must have previously registered and received a username and set a password.)

To Pay a Monthly Installment

If your account is set up with a monthly-installment billing plan, please follow the directions below to pay monthly bills.

  • Click the Pay Bills button from the Policies screen.

To view statement information, click the Plus Sign (+) on the left of the blue statement bar.

  • If bank account information is already stored, then click the Pay Bills button to submit payment to FHM.
    • If bank account information is not already stored, click the link to the left of the screen labeled Account Info and follow steps as directed to enter banking information.
  • Confirm Payment amount is correct and select the desired Bank Account.
  • The payment date can either be the current date or a future date (not past the due date).
  • Click Pay to submit payment, Cancel to cancel, or New Bank Account to add another bank account.
  • After selecting Pay, the payment must be confirmed. Check the authorize check box and click Confirm to confirm payment. Cancel to cancel payment.
  • In order to finish processing the payment, enter an email address twice./li>
  • Click the Submit button to finish processing the payment or cancel to cancel the payment.
  • The next screen may be printed for record keeping purposes. This will show the Confirmation Number, Statement Number paid, Payment Amount, Bank Account used, and Payment Date.
  • Click the OK button to finish.
  • A monthly installment has now been paid.

Monthly Self Reporting Payroll (Report Payroll)

If your account is set up with a monthly self-audit billing plan, please follow the directions below to report payroll and pay premium.

  • Click the Report Payroll button from the Policies screen or the Payroll Reports link from the Online Payments & Payroll to report monthly payroll.
  • Select the PLUS sign from the list of worksheets.  If there is no PLUS sign, you cannot report payroll yet.  Payroll may only be submitted 7 days prior to month-end.
  • Type in the Gross Payroll for each class code listed.
  • Enter the number of employees for each class code listed.
  • Click the Save button to continue or Back to go back
    • The website will calculate premium due automatically
  • A review screen will appear that gives the options to either Submit & Pay Online, Submit & Pay by Check, or Change Payroll.
    • Submit & Pay Online – Payroll cannot be edited after selecting this. From here, payment can be made online.
    • Submit & Pay by Check – Payroll cannot be edited after selecting this. From here, the payment will not be complete until check is received and posted by FHM. Mail to: FHM Insurance Company, P.O. Box 616648, Orlando, FL 32861-6648
    • Change Payroll – This will allow changes to the payroll entered for the current month.
  • Monthly Reporting (self-reporting) has now been accomplished.
  • If you make a mistake reporting payroll and need help correcting it or have any questions about paying your bill online, please call the FHM Billing Dept. at 888-346-3461, ext. 6239 or ext. 6204.

Self Reporting Payroll – What you may exclude:

  • The increased or excess portion of overtime. (For example, if a worker’s regular wage is $10.00 an hour and he/she is paid $15.00 an hour for overtime, you may exclude the $5.00 per hour EXCESS portion of the overtime rate and only report $10.00 an hour for the hours of overtime paid.) So you are excluding 1/3 of the overtime when overtime is paid at 1.5 times the regular hourly rate.
  • When overtime is paid at two times the regular hourly rate, then half the overtime is excluded from reporting-the EXCESS portion of the overtime.
  • Tips or gratuities.
  • Severance pay.

Sick time, vacation time, performance and holiday bonuses, and profit sharing is ALWAYS included. For further clarification, please contact the FHM audit department at 888-346-3461, x6204 or x6252.

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