FAQs About Accident/Injury Reporting

Frequently Asked Questions About Accident/Injury Reporting

Q: When a First Report of Injury is “called in”, will a claim number be assigned?
A: Yes.

Q: Is it necessary to mail/fax the First Report of Injury after reporting it via telephone?
A: No.  FHM will draft the First Report of Injury from the telephone report and send copies to the employee, employer and the State.

Q: Because I am reporting online/faxing/calling in the First Report of Injury, must I still maintain the OSHA log?
A: Yes. OSHA record keeping requirements can be reviewed online at www.OSHA.gov.  Be sure you are not exempt from record keeping.

Q: If reporting by fax, do I need to wait until the employee can sign the form before reporting?
A: No. Never delay reporting because you do not have the injured employee’s signature.  Indicate “not available” if the employee is not available for signature and submit the report immediately.

Q:  What if I don’t report the accident/injury in a timely manner?
A: A failure by the employer to report the accident/injury to the workers’ compensation carrier in a timely manner can result in the employer incurring a fine. See the state specific section of this manual for information related to your state’s law.

Q: Must an employer report all accidents/injuries?
A: Injuries that require first aid treatment only, need not be reported.

Q: What should an employer do if an injured worker refuses treatment?
A: Complete the Refusal of Treatment form, have the employee read and sign it and place it in the employee’s file.

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