myMatrixx Pharmacy Program

In our continued effort to reduce your Workers’ Compensation medical costs, FHM Insurance Company has formed a partnership with AmeriSys and the myMatrixx Pharmacy Program to provide your employees with a prescription program.  This exciting program is designed specifically to:

  • Manage claimant prescription expenses and appropriate utilization
  • Reduce costs with proven savings by use of the Patient Identification Card, which dispenses prescriptions only to the injured worker and ensures the prescription is exclusively for treatment of that work-related injury

How the Program Works:

When an injury occurs, please give the employee a copy of the “Dear Injured Worker” letter and the Question & Answer sheet, along with the myMatrixx Pharmacy Form.  THIS FORM IS TO BE USED FOR THE INITIAL PRESCRIPTION ONLY.

The employee will present the Pharmacy Form to a participating pharmacy (listed on the Form), along with a prescription from the medical provider.

A separate RX card will be mailed directly to the employee by myMatrixx after the claim is reported, to be used if further prescriptions are required.

It is our pleasure to offer you this program and we are confident that you will realize tremendous benefits by participating in the plan. This prescription cost management program will help in the ongoing war against health care cost escalation.

If you have questions regarding this program, please email or call 888-346-3461 and ask for one of the following Claims Supervisors

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