Know Your Adjuster

Help is at Your Fingertips
Just Call Your FHM Adjuster!

Your job is tough enough without having to keep up with all the details of each workers’ compensation claim. Thankfully, with an FHM adjuster on your team, you don’t have to.

Your FHM adjuster is your partner in casework. By keeping in touch with each other, your adjuster can help ensure each claim is handled properly and costs are kept to a minimum. And because we keep caseloads low, our adjusters can establish a real working relationship with each and every policyholder. That way, you can get to know each other – so you’re free to really talk about each case.

That’s important. Because if your employee is off the job, you want good answers on when they should return to work. And if you suspect a claim is fraudulent, you want help to find out the truth. That’s where good communication really pays off. And with FHM, it’s just a phone call away, because your FHM adjuster keeps up to date on each case. He or she is aware of the latest case status, and can answer your questions on the claims process, go through claims reviews with you and keep you abreast of legal proceedings as well as the medical and work-ability status of your injured employees.

FHM not only provides you with up-to-date case information, our adjusters are also available to personally answer your questions and help you with the process. Our adjusters are able to offer such personal service because:

  • FHM adjusters are assigned by the policyholder’s ZIP code (not alphabetically by injured employee) so they really KNOW their geographic territory
  • FHM adjusters handle no more than 120 cases at a time – well below the industry average, so they have the time to truly manage your cases
  • FHM adjusters study each case, and are ready to provide the most up-to-date case information when you call – so you don’t have to sort through or rely on clinical, online data
  • FHM adjusters are part of a team handling each claim, including a nurse case manager, claims supervisor, claims manager, legal counsel, cost containment unit, subrogation unit, fraud unit and loss control specialist

The bottom line is, FHM adjusters and their team are there to help you handle each claim – and to make your life easier. So keep the lines of communication open. Doing so can help you reduce fraud, claims costs and your workload! Call 888-346-3461, Ext. 6400 or Ext. 6020 to speak to an FHM Claims Adjuster.

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