Online Rating and Submission via FHMconnect

FHM Insurance provides agents with the capability to submit accounts online and experience how easy it is to write small business with FHM. We will provide the same exceptional service to your small business accounts as you have come to expect every day through the FHM “Policy to Do More”.

  • Online submission through FHMconnect
  • Online submission and rating is designed for small business accounts up to $20,000. For your convenience, accounts submitted online with larger premiums will be referred to an underwriter for review
  • Rating and competitive options for qualifying accounts up to $20,000 in premium
    • Florida accounts may qualify for flat dividends from 5% to 20%
    • Other states qualify for IRPM adjustment as filed
  • Fast, live underwriter review advantage so no surprises
    • If referred to underwriting, quick turnaround time – typically within 24 hours or sooner if urgent
    • Decision made and final quote issued if a complete submission with no questions or issues
    • Underwriter may have questions or require clarifications
  • Underwriter is available to discuss account needs with you

Click this link for more information about the Small Business Program including targeted classes and requirements

To register, please click here. For already registered users of FHMconnect, simply log on and click “application” to get started.

For additional assistance or information about online submissions, please contact your FHM Business Development Underwriter or call 407-373-6401 or email:

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