Slips, Trips and Falls…Oh My!

Slips, trips and falls are so commonplace that it would be easy to discount them as minor, everyday mishaps. But this category of accidents accounts for millions of injuries a year, including many fatalities. Consider this: Slip-and-fall accidents are the second-leading cause of on-the-job deaths, and they account for 10 percent of all nonfatal workplace injuries.

Tips for reducing slip-and-fall accidents: 

  • Keep floors clean and dry. Immediately mop up spills and water on floor surfaces.
  • Post warning signs for wet floor areas.
  • If possible, replace tile or linoleum flooring with carpet.
  • Clean one side of the passageway at a time.
  • Eliminate uneven floor or sidewalk surfaces.
  • Keep aisles, walkways and exits free from obstructions.
  • Provide adequate lighting inside and outside.
  • Ensure that stairwells are well-lit, stair treads and risers are up to safety code and free from obstructions, and handrails are sturdy.
  • Document defects and actions taken to correct problems.

Give your feet a grip & your less likely to slip!

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