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Post-Injury Drug Testing Program

Did You Know that 70% of Illicit Drug Users Work Full Time?

New information released by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) found that most drug users age 18-49 are employed full time. That means 6.3 million illegal drug users and 6.2 million heavy alcohol users are in today’s full-time work force.

Drug use on the job is costly. It contributes to an untold number of workplace accidents and loss of productivity. But, fortunately, there are some easy ways to help reduce your liability.

FHM Insurance Company offers an exclusive Post-Injury Drug Testing program. Easy to implement and administer, FHM’s program sends a clear message that workplace drug abuse will not be tolerated — yet the program is non-intrusive. In fact, FHM’s Post-Injury Drug testing does not affect an employee unless he or she is involved in an on-the-job accident or injury.

FHM’s Post-Injury Drug Testing program cuts your overall Workers’ Compensation costs and
rates by reducing injuries and providing grounds to deny certain claims. Here’s how it works:
· After every workplace injury, involved employees are tested for drugs/alcohol.
· Drug tests are completed by the treating physician and are charged to the workers’
compensation claim — not as a separate (employer) expense.
· Claims by employees testing positive are investigated and accepted or denied on a caseby-
case basis.
· Each current and future employee must complete and sign a consent form for testing,
helping ensure they understand your zero-tolerance policy.
FHM’s Post-Injury Drug Testing program is part of our continuing commitment to high-quality
service and reducing workers’ compensation costs. It’s part of our policy to do more.
To register your company for FHM’s Post-Injury Drug Testing program, simply complete and fax
or mail back the application on the reverse. FHM will take it from there, providing you and your
program physicians with all the right forms. It’s one of the best ways you can reduce your
Workers’ Compensation costs.
Thank you for your confidence in FHM. We look forward to working with you to reduce your
Workers’ Compensation insurance costs.
P.S. Illegal drug use in the workplace can cause your Workers’ Compensation costs to skyrocket. Here’s
an easy, effective program to keep those costs in check.
Rev. 2/02
1. What is the FHM Post-Injury Drug Testing Program?
A program that provides drug testing as part of the treatment of a work-related injury.
The specimen is collected by your Rockport Primary Care Physician when your injured
employee reports for initial treatment of a work-related injury.
2. What are my costs?
No initial cost. Each specimen collection fee of $5.00 – $20.00; 10-panel drug test
($23.50); and/or blood alcohol test ($18.50) will be charged as a medical expense to
the reported workers’ compensation claim.
3. How do I sign up and implement the program?
Fax sign-up sheet to FHM – Policy Services – 407-352-5788 and have each current and
all future employees complete the consent form and place in the employee’s
personnel file. Total Compliance Network (TCN), our post-injury drug testing partner,
will contact you by phone to discuss the necessary implementation procedures.
4. My Company is already a Certified Drug-Free Workplace. Should I sign up for the Post-Injury
Drug Testing Program?
Not if you are satisfied with your current program provider. Please fax your
declination to FHM – Policy Services with the comment “Already a Drug-Free
5. If an employee tests “positive,” will workers’ compensation benefits be denied?
An investigation will be conducted by your workers’ compensation adjuster and a
decision will be made on a case-by-case basis. Please note if your company is a State
“Certified Drug-Free Workplace,” a positive post-injury drug test in most cases is an
automatic denial for future workers’ compensation benefits.
6. Who can I contact for more information on the benefits and procedures for becoming a State
“Certified Drug-Free Workplace”?
Call Total Compliance Network (TCN) 800-881-4826.
7. Who can I contact if I have any general questions about the Post-Injury Drug Testing
FHM Policy Services Department – 888-346-3461, Extension 6401 or 6424.

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