Pay Bills

Pay Bills

Within FHMconnect, a section will allow an Insured to pay bills online through their own
portal. By selecting the Pay Bills button from the top of the website, a new page will open to
allow bills to be paid.

Log into FHMconnect and select the Pay Bills Button.

To Pay a Monthly Installment (If you have a self-reporting payroll plan, see “Payroll Reporting” to pay your bill.)
If account is set up for a monthly installment-billing plan, please follow the directions below to pay monthly bills.

  • Click the Pay Bills button from main screen or the link to the left of the Online Payments & Payroll screen called Pay Bills
  • To view statement information, click the double arrows on the left of the blue statement bar.
  • If bank account information is already stored, then click the Pay button to submit payment to FHM.
  • If bank account information is not already stored, click either the link at the bottom of the Pay Bills page or the link to the left of the screen labeled Account Info. Follow steps as directed by the website.
  • Confirm Payment amount is correct and select the desired Bank Account.
  • The payment date can either be the current date or a future date (not past the due date)
  • Click Pay to submit payment, Cancel to cancel, or New Bank Account to add another bank account.
  • After selecting Pay, the payment must be confirmed. Check the authorize check box and click Confirm to confirm payment. Cancel to cancel payment.
  • In order to finish processing the payment, enter an email address. Enter it twice.
  • Click the Submit button to finish processing the payment or cancel to cancel the payment.
  • The next screen may be printed for record keeping purposes. This will show the Confirmation Number, Statement Number paid, Payment Amount, Bank Account used, and Payment Date.
  • Click the OK button to finish.
  • A monthly installment has now been paid.

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