Fraud Prosecutions: Fraud Just Doesn’t Pay

At FHM, we take an aggressive stance when it comes to fraudulent claims. As one hotel employee recently found out, fraud simply doesn’t pay when your insurer is FHM.

The employee slipped and fell at work, resulting in a compensable knee injury and a strained back. Soon afterward, however, the employee alleged his injuries left him virtually immobile and confined to a wheelchair. The employee sought $200,000 in compensation and remained off work on prolonged disability, claiming a permanent total condition.

That is, until FHM’s investigators caught him in Michigan playing tennis and running.

FHM’s aggressive, determined surveillance led to the man’s arrest and conviction. The payoff? A savings of $200,000 plus restitution of over $31,000.

By actively pursuing fraudulent claimants, FHM is able to help keep our policyholders’ claim costs down – while keeping employee morale up. Just another important part of FHM’s policy to do more.

A Policy to Control Fraud – Case by Case

  • Aggressive pursuit of potentially fraudulent claims
  • Savings of $200,000 plus restitution
  • Discouraged future claims abuse by example

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