FAQS About myMatrixx Pharmacy Program

Q: I am taking medication for a non-work-related illness or injury.  Can I use this network to get my prescription filled?
A: No. myMatrixx is for work-related-injury medication only.

Q: Is there anything I should do when I am no longer getting medication related to my work-related injury?
A: No. myMatrixx will automatically remove your name from the program.

Q: Should I still call my assigned adjuster with questions relating to my work injury?
A: Yes.  However, if you have problems or questions about myMatrixx, call your Nurse Case-Manager at 888-346-3461.

Q: What if I choose a pharmacy that is not participating in the MyMatrixx  network?
A: You must pay for the prescription, submit a claim to FHM Insurance Company and await payment.

Q: Will I need my ID card each time I have a prescription filled for my work-related injury?
A: Yes.  Once you have presented the card on your initial visit to the pharmacy, you will be registered in the system from that time until you are no longer in need of work-related-injury medication.

Q: Do I have a choice between generic or brand drugs?
A: This will be determined by your physician at the time the prescription is written based on the type of injury.

Q: Where do I send the receipts for prescriptions I paid for prior to receiving my ID card?
A: Only your insurance company can reimburse you for prescriptions.  Send your receipts directly to FHM Insurance Company, P.O. Box 616648, Orlando, Florida 32861-6648.

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