Supervisor’s Accident Investigation

Supervisor’s Guide to Accident Investigation

The following steps should be used as a guide in the accident investigation and correction process.

  • The immediate supervisor should investigate the accident to determine cause. Use bilingual interpreters if a language barrier is present.
  • The investigation should be completed as soon as possible after the accident. The time element is important because accident facts are still fresh in any witness’ mind and physical evidence is still in place.
  • Once the cause of the accident is determined, then the supervisor must take the necessary action to prevent this type of accident from occurring again.
  • The accident investigation and corrective action taken should be reported to management in a timely manner.
  • Management should review each accident in a timely manner to ensure:
    • The accident was properly reported and investigated.
    • The true cause(s) were identified.
    • Appropriate corrective action was taken to prevent the recurrence of a similar type accident.
  • The results of the accident investigation should be reviewed by the company’s Safety Committee.
  • Complete the Supervisor’s Accident Investigation form
  • The completed accident investigation forms should be:
    • Sent to FHM; Please fax to 407-373-6322; or mail to: P.O. Box 616648, Orlando, FL 32861.
    • Photocopied and placed in the employer’s file; and
    • Used by the Safety Coordinator at the next Safety Meeting as a training tool to help prevent future accidents of the same type.

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