Turnberry Isle Resort & Club

Enjoys Impeccable Service with FHM

In the early 1990s, Turnberry Isle Resort & Club went shopping for the most cost-effective workers’ compensation carrier they could find. That turned out to be FHM. And that also turned out to be the beginning of a lasting relationship. Nearly a decade later, Turnberry is still with FHM – not just for the price, but for the excellent, personal service they enjoy.

“The people at FHM are all very professional, but they also take a personal interest,” said Fern Canter, director of human resources and labor relations for the luxury resort. Ms. Canter is well aware of how important quality service can be. Turnberry Isle is rated one of America’s top resorts by the prestigious U.S. Zagat Hotel, Resort and Spa Survey.

“FHM’s level of service, commitment to quality and understanding of the hospitality industry is excellent,” added Ms. Canter. “They are partners with us, assisting us in meeting the ongoing challenge of reducing workers’ compensation costs.”

In addition to excellent service, Turnberry Resort enjoys lower workers’ compensation costs thanks to its highly effective in-house safety program developed with assistance from FHM. The resort’s workers’ compensation rates are also lower, due to FHM’s policy to reward companies that achieve status as a “Certified Drug-Free Workplace.”

“Our experience with FHM has been excellent,” said Ms. Canter. “We chose FHM primarily for the cost, but we stay with them for the service.”

A Policy To Do More — Case by Case

  • Delivered the most cost-effective price for workers’ compensation coverage
  • Consistently provided an outstanding level of personal service
  • Helped develop a custom, in-house safety program resulting in lower costs
  • Lowered workers’ compensation rates when the resort achieved status as a “Certified Drug-Free Workplace”

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