2010 Recap

A Note From The President:

It’s shaping up to be another exciting year for FHM, full of opportunities from the good news we received at the end of 2010 and advantages from being a multi-state workers’ compensation carrier.

Strong Financial Condition

I am pleased to tell you that even in these challenging economic times, FHM is in excellent financial condition. Our surplus has grown to record levels, and our book of business continues to grow and expand throughout the southeast and into a wider variety of business sectors. FHM is financially strong and constantly analyzing our book of business to maximize performance and manage risk

7-State Coverage

As you know, several years ago, we began to diversify our policyholder base by expanding outside Florida. This strategic decision was the beginning of a concerted effort to strengthen our book of business and mitigate the negative impact of any one state’s regulations and economic conditions on our ability to maintain a strong financial position. I am pleased to report we are currently actively writing business in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Kentucky. If you have operations in any of these states, we would like to have an opportunity to help you consolidate your coverage. Also, if you have a relationship with an agency or agent in any of these states who you believe would be a good match for FHM, we would appreciate a recommendation from you that they consider offering FHM’s products.

A New Name

In recognition of the increased geographic focus of the company, we are now officially known as FHM Insurance Company. While we have been using this name as our “d/b/a,” we are pleased to announce that the process of obtaining all the approvals necessary to use FHM Insurance Company on legal documents and filings has been completed. That’s the only change – we’re still the same company that started providing workers’ compensation coverage in 1954 and we remain firm in our commitment to A Policy To Do More and to providing high-quality cost effective workers’ compensation insurance to meet your needs.

New and Improved

Two important announcements about our web site. First, we’ve given the site a complete makeover. It has a new streamlined look, includes a search engine to help you find what you need easily and there’s FHMconnect access on every page. The expanded Safetynet section includes a wide array of tools to help you implement and manage an effective Safety Management Program. And, all the forms and other information is organized by state so you can find what you’re looking for quicker. If you haven’t visited the new site, give it a try at www.fhmic.com, we think you’ll like what you see.

Second, to make it easy for everyone to access FHM, we recently launched our new FHM mobile site. So now, no matter where you are or what means of access you use, our web site is available to you. Our mobile site is designed for easy navigation on all types of mobile devices.You don’t have to type in anything special to access the site – when you go to www.fhmic.com on your mobile device, you will automatically be linked to the mobile site. If you haven’t visited the mobile web site yet, check us out on your mobile device – we think you’ll like it.

Timely Claim Reporting

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to report claims on a timely basis. As soon as a claim is reported, we begin working with you and the injured worker to make sure we have the information we need to make the process go smoothly. We’ve worked hard to make the reporting process quick and easy. To report a claim, you can call us at 888-346-3461, ext. 6353, send a fax to 407-352-5788, or go online to www.fhmic.com and click the link for “Report an Injury.”  For more information about claim reporting, select “Report an Injury” on the home page of our web site or go to the Claims tab and select “Report an Injury.” If you have any other claims reporting questions, please feel free to call one of our claim assistants at 888-346-3461, ext. 6353.

Another Fraud Arrest!

On December 13, 2010, the State Division of Insurance Fraud and the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Department arrested an FHM claimant and charged her with one count of Workers’ Compensation Fraud and one count of Identity Theft. She used a social security number which was issued to another individual, without the consent of that individual, to obtain medical benefits. She is being housed in the County Jail in Jacksonville, Florida.

As you know, FHM takes an aggressive stance on overstated and fraudulent claims. Our Fraud Unit works closely with adjusters and policyholders to identify and investigate possible fraudulent situations. Because Workers’ Compensation Fraud hurts everyone it touches, FHM is committed to ensuring injured workers receive the benefits and care to which they are entitled – nothing more and nothing less. For more information about identifying possible workers’ compensation fraud, go to the Fraud section of our web site – www.fhmic.com/fraud or contact your adjuster or the FHM Fraud Unit.

Who Reads These Letters?

Are there other people in your company who should be receiving this and other updates from FHM? Although we constantly work to update our contact database, there’s always the chance someone will be overlooked. If there are other people in your company who you would like to add to the distribution list for this or other updates, please let us know by contacting Policy Services at 888-346-3461, ext. 6312.

I can’t tell you often enough how much we appreciate your business and the trust and confidence you place in us. Without your support, we would not be able to achieve the exciting things I’ve described in this letter. We work hard every day to earn your trust and stand firm in our commitment to A Policy To Do More. Thank you for being an important part of our success!


Bill Bond, Jr.

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